Open Learning Tutorial

Hi all, today I would like to share with all of you about Open Learning tutorial we had with Dr. Shukri. There were a lot of information we got from this tutorial. Since we will be launching our own Mooc/Open learning soon, so these kind of inputs were really crucial for us.

Besides, before this face-to-face tutorial, we were not really understand (not really get the idea) on how to run this platform properly. In terms of how to upload files, how to upload videos, how to create new subtopics and countless more.

However, after this hands-on tutorial session, I believe that we are on the right track. So, we can start to produce as many materials as possible for our own unit. This is my first experience ever regarding Open Learning/MOOC, so yeah I am looking forward to it and I am pretty excited about how far this MOOC will go.

For this project, we will collaborate and brainstorm our ideas with the undergraduate students. As for my unit, we are going to prepare materials/info about Classroom Games such as Kahoot!, Socrative, as well as Poll Everywhere. In terms of materials, we will produce IT-based materials such as videos, infographics, slides, audio, and much more.


us-iphone-1-socrative-teacher     screen696x696

Basically, this is how our Open Learning will look like. However, we are not finalise it yet, but we will make sure to give the best for this project and beat the rest.

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 12.58.02 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 1.03.37 PM.png


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