Vietnam Delegation

Last two weeks, we had fun with the Vietnam delegation. We did a lot of things together such as dancing, playing traditional games and much more. We get the opportunity to watch cultural performances from them as well. In addition, they also introduced  a little bit about their city, university & faculty of Vietnam, and so on.

BEFORE the actual day:

Since my group was in charge of Ting Ting/hopscotch (one of the traditional games in Malaysia), so we decided to create our own tutorial video on how to play Ting Ting in order to show to the Vietnam delegation. We choose CAC as our venue to shoot and record videos and we prepared all things needed for Ting Ting games. For instance, a recording tape, laptop, masking tapes (to draw the line/square, as well as the beanbag.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

We agreed to meet on Sunday evening at CAC because everyone was free on that day. I think CAC is one of the best places in IIUM. 

You can see our video here: (VIDEO) Traditional game: Ting Ting.

DURING the day:

Around 12.30pm, the representatives from this delegation introduced a little bit about Vietnam and then they did a group performance and sang a song entitled ‘Hello Vietnam’. After that, they watched traditional Malaysian dance from Kulliyah of Education, which was Zapin.

Other than that, this delegation also performed Vietnamese folk songs entitled ‘Floating Water Ferns & Wandering Clouds, as well as Tieng Viet. Tieng Viet is a song in Vietnamese language.

After all these performances, we played  traditional games such as Batu seremban, Ting Ting/hopscotch, and Galah Panjang. However, due to time constraint, we managed to play batu seremban and Ting Ting only. Amazingly, these students from Vietnam, they were familiar with these two games, but they did not called it as batu seremban and Ting Ting. They have their own name for both games.

Long story short, after all the performances and playing traditional games, this delegation disperse for a campus tour to visit interesting places in IIUM.


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