Kungfu Panda 3 in ESL

Mei-mei.pngHello everyone, I am Mei Mei. so today I wanna share with all of you about Kungfu Panda 3 movie. WAIT! Do you know who am I? Are you sure? How about…

“I. am. Mei Mei. Wowww she is amazing. She is so beau-ti-fulll. That’s sweet Po. But please try to save all other compliments until after the performance.”

Okay that’s enough. Let’s get back to our discussion. Like I mentioned earlier, today I wanna share with you my experiences watching this UHHHmazing movie with my classmates. Yes! with all my classmates.

First and foremost, I like Dr. Rose’s idea by bringing all of us to watch this movie @WangsaWalk. Thank you so much for that. It’s something rare for a lecturer to bring all of her students and watch this movie together. Of course we have to do some tasks/review after that. I don’t mind with that.


Frankly speaking, this is a good movie to watch. With a witty dialogue, kid-friendly humor, and plenty of moral values in this movie such as do not give up, believe in yourself, love your family, and much more. Even this is a cartoon movie, indirectly teachers can inculcate such values or lessons within the students.

In addition, this movie is suitable for all ages. Whether primary or secondary students. Even some parents also like this movie after they bring their kids to the cinema. So, there is no problem showing this movie in language classroom (ESL).

Do you know that teachers can use movies in the classroom? But, as teacher, he/she should choose a suitable movies with a lot of lessons/values for their students. In fact, there are some benefits of using movies or anything related with the ICT inside classrooms than the drawbacks. Some of them are:



  • Easy to understand by looking at the visuals.
  • Improve pronunciation and accent. For instance, ask the students to focus on how the characters in the movie utter or pronounce their words or sentences correctly.
  • Flexible teaching aids. The teacher can stop, start and rewind the movies and challenge students to predict the outcome, elaborate, and much more.
  • Foster cultural interest and social engagement among the students.
  • Students can experience worlds beyond their own, especially if the movies are different from their local environment.



  • Time consuming. For instance, to get the students to be in the media room may roughly take more than 10-15 minutes. Other than that, connection problems, downloading issues, and other difficulties can cause road blocks when implementing a lesson in the technology-based classroom.
  • The availability of media room. Teacher should make sure that the media room is not occupied during that time, or better the teacher reserves the media room beforehand.
  • Hard to understand the dialogue. Especially movies with a strong British accent. Low-proficiency students might have problem with this, unless the teacher provides subtitles for the movie.


Furthermore, there are plenty of thing that teachers can do to assign to students when using this movie for teaching English.

  1. Act-it-out and guess the character. Randomly pick one student and ask him/her to act his/her favorite character from the movie, and ask the rest of the students to guess the name of the character.
  2. Character descriptions. Ask the students to pay attention throughout this movie, list down the characteristics of major and minor characters, and ask some questions to the students.
  3. List down alien words and find the meaning and after that share with the whole class.
  4. List down moral values from this movie.
  5. Discus and debate. Maybe the teacher can raise a few issues from this movie and asks the students to discuss about the issues together.
  6. Identify the plot (for literature class). Briefly identify the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and conclusion from this movie
  7. Write a short essay about this movie. Something like a review from students’ perspective.
  8. Order the events. After watching this movie, ask the students to briefly ‘recap’ or tell the story back to their classmates. This is to make sure whether the students pay attention or not.

In a nutshell, it all depends on the teachers, whether they want to use ICT in the classroom or not. If they want to use it, they have to prepare and consider a few things before the lesson. Once in a while, teachers should bring ICT in the classroom.



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